Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition is the only school that specialises in naturally nourishing pregnancy, postpartum and babies. How amazing is that? Deciding to follow their Masters Program (Pregnancy, Postpartum and Babies) has literally changed my life. And that’s because shortly before graduating I decided to launch Womb Nutrition and eventually to consider the role as a Certified Nutrition Consultant as my profession. As a new mother living in Switzerland, where maternity leave is extremely short, seeking a fulfilling and flexible career that enabled me to prioritise the needs of my family was important. My passion for nutrition started about 10 years ago, but it was only after I launched Womb Nutrition that I decided to follow this endeavour full time, while spending more time with my son, which is what I wished for.

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All certifications are provided exclusively online and can therefore be accessed from anywhere in the world. Modules (with lessons released with a weekly frequency) contain a mix of written and video lessons, client resources, useful templates, quizzes, additional reading recommendations and assignments.

They offer three certification courses:


This certification will provide you with the knowledge necessary to deeply nourish this critical time of transformation. Information is even tailored to each trimester since nutritional needs change throughout pregnancy. 


This certification will teach you how to nutritionally replenish women as they begin their journey through motherhood. Did you even know that nutritional needs are even higher after birth (especially if breastfeeding) than during pregnancy?


A baby’s introduction to solid foods can have a profound impact on their future health, food preferences and eating habits. This certification will teach to ensure that your baby clients will get a strong start by establishing healthy habits right from the beginning.

Imagery courtesy of Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition


After sharing my story on Instagram I have received several questions with regards to the program. So hopefully this article will provide you with all the information you need to decide whether this is the right course for you.

Q: Do you need prior nutrition education to be accepted into the program?

A: No, you don’t need any prior formal education or training in nutrition, you’ll just need passion and determination.

Q: Currently pregnant in my third trimester. Do you think I can still take the course as a full time (new) mom?

Most of the OBA students and graduates I have come in contact with are either pregnant or already mothers, some even have 2 or 3 kids. I was pregnant when I signed up for the Master certification. I think the course was designed with mothers in mind so it’s meant to be doable in a motherhood setup. To still keep things realistic though, the course is not a walk in the park, so it also really depends on your determination and time management. You can expect to spend an average of 6 hours every week.

Q: How can I earn an income after graduation?

One of the first things that most graduates do is 1 to 1 consults. This is also how I started since I find this extremely rewarding and it also helps me build relevant experience. I love to see how things evolve for my clients and how my recommendations make space into their lives and help their health objectives. But slowly I’ve also started to expand my offerings from workshops, webinars, content writing, recipe development. There are plenty of things you can do though: workshops, webinar, paid speaking events, content development for companies or publications, write books or eBooks, develop meal plans, create products relevant to your audience (especially food related). I’m sure this list can be expanded.

Q: Is there any general nutrition class available before you start with the pregnancy, postpartum, etc.?

A: So they don’t offer an individual general nutrition course, but, regardless of the certification you sign up for, you’ll also get access to a Foundational Nutrition module. This module helps you to Gain a thorough understanding of holistic nutrition and the importance of honouring each person’s unique nutritional needs. Here’s where you can request access to their curriculum for more details. 

Q: I’m only interested in baby nutrition, do I still need to do the whole course?

A: No! I followed the Master Certification with Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition (Pregnancy, Postpartum and Baby Nutrition), but you can choose to study one, two, or all three specialties at a time. You can also start with one and decide later whether you want to extend. Here’s where you can find an overview of all their programs.

Q: How was your honest experience with OBA?

A: Studying with Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition has been such a beautiful journey. Although intense at times – since having a newborn and doing assignments wasn’t exactly a walk in the park – it all worked out beautifully in the end. I really liked that they provided me with expert feedback and individualised guidance throughout the entire program to support my learning. The learning platform is also equipped with a forum where you can ask questions and they’re very thoroughly answered. You also learn so much from other students’ questions!

Q: How will I be able to put that theory into practice after graduation?

A: Normally, through practicing it itself. But what I can say is that I found it incredibly useful that for each module I studied with OBA I needed to submit 2 client trials, which basically means I had already gone through 7 client consultations before I graduated (6 + 1 for Foundational Nutrition). This was a very practical and valuable experience. In addition, every module has several assignments you have to submit and most of them are very practical. Example: you’ll have to record yourself while “pretending” to advise a client on a certain given topic and submit the video. It’s not just what you say that you’ll receive feedback on, it’s also your approach, tone of voice and other things that are extremely important in a 1 to 1 consultation.

Q: Is the course relevant if you’re plant based or vegetarian?

Honestly, the first certification I studied to become an Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant was much more centered around a plant-based and vegetarian diet, although always mentioning the immense nutritional benefits that some animal foods have (liver or eggs, for example). Truth is that, according to research, it’s much more difficult to properly nourish a pregnant or postpartum body solely on a plant-based diet. But not impossible. Honestly, the curriculum doesn’t cater exclusively to plant-based diets, but it does include specific and relevant guidance on how to support clients who choose to eat vegan or vegetarian. 

I think OBA’s philosophy is centered around bio-individuality so there is no one way of eating that works best for everyone, which is why the curriculum offers a flexible perspective, while focusing on nutrient-dense, whole foods. My desire and role after having graduated from OBA is to support every woman to nourish their bodies (and their babies) regardless of their diets. And the curriculum definitely equipped me with the tools and information to do that. 

Q: For how long will we have access to the curriculum?

Forever! Plus, they constantly update the curriculum based on new research that’s available and you’ll have access to that too. 


Couldn’t be happier for you! Good news: the next cohort starts very soon (September 26th) and they’re currently accepting applications until September 12th. CLICK HERE  and then go to APPLY TODAY (upper right-hand corner).

And if you decide to sign up, make sure to write my name at the referral box and drop me a message here or on my Instagram – I have a lovely present I would like to give you as a start to this beautiful journey.


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