Group B Streptococcus during pregnancy

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a type of bacterial infection that can be present in a [...]

Helpful tips to increase your breast milk’s nutrients

As a mother who’s currently breastfeeding her second child and extensively studied postpartum nutrition, breast [...]

Naturally supporting breast milk supply

I am currently breastfeeding my second baby and I am grateful to have had the [...]

Naturally Nourishing Mothers and Babies

Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition is the only school that specialises in naturally nourishing [...]


Supporting your child’s sleep through nutrition

Sleep is an essential part of our health from the day we’re born – it’s [...]

The development of the infant gut microbiome

Research on the gut microbiome is still considered relatively new to the science industry. Research [...]


To spoon or not too spoon?

I have the feeling that the conversation about starting solids is focused too much on [...]

Coffee during pregnancy and postpartum

Oh, that lovely cup of coffee! I honestly think one of the first things my [...]

5 things you should look for in a prenatal vitamin

Nearly all obstetricians routinely prescribe prenatal vitamins to pregnant women during their first prenatal visit. [...]


What’s the deal with folic acid?

Folic acid supplements have become a norm for women who want to conceive or are [...]

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